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If you are looking for grant giving bodies within Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and/or Northamptonshire.

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From local beginings

My husband Bryan and I began farming in 1971 just outside Southam in Warwickshire. We had sheep and cattle, and grew Wheat, Rape, Barley, and lots of potatoes. Some of these potatoes were hand picked using local people, and lots of school children at weekends and during the autumn half term holiday. It was hard work but great fun. Most of the work force stayed in touch over the years, and it has been wonderful meeting the children, now grown up, who said how much being in the outdoors, doing hard physical work, and earning some money, shaped their characters and gave them confidence for later life.

Bryan over time developed an interest in converting redundant buildings on our farm into holiday homes, and also worked on a Wesleyan Chapel saving it from remaining empty and becoming derelict.

The Bryan and Janet Moore Charitable Trust stems from the strong links we have been fortunate to have made with the local community during our farming life. It is hoped that the grants available will help small associations and clubs to be able to continue promoting activities that encourage a strong community spirit. At the centre of a community there is always a church, and it is our hope that applications will be granted to enable repairs to be done to keep these wonderful ancient buildings open for worship.


Our conditions are fairly simple.

The Janet & Brian Moore Charitable Trust has been established to support projects which unite local communities within the counties of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

To be eligible for a potential grant  please complete the 'Application Form' setting out the details of your project and why you think supporting your project will result in uniting your local community.

Once this form is received, the Trustees of the Charity will assess your application on its merits and should they feel your project is suitable and aligns with the Charities' objectives, an offer of financial support will be made. The maximum amount of support per project is £20,000.

All decisions made by the Trustees are solely at their discretion, with each application judged on its merits against the Charities principles.

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Successful Applications

All successful applications will be notified in writing with an offer of financial support along with the terms of the agreement and the evidence required prior to payment. Each case will be individual, however for every project evidence of completion of the project will be required prior to full payment of the grant.

Unsuccessful Applications

Unfortunately the Charity will not be able to support all the applications received, this however doesn't mean they are ineligible and need not deter you from re-applying in another year.


Do you Qualify?

Tell us more about you, your plans and how you aim to achieve the intended results with amount of money you’re requesting.

Although we endeavour to respond to every applicant, please be aware if you do not hear within 3 months of submitting your application, you should consider it unsuccessful.

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We love it when we can help you as an individual, help the community for others.

After numerous fundraising events, we found ourselves considerably shy of the intended total we required to complete the construction of wheelchair access to all areas of our much loved church. Within 1 month of submitting our application, we received the great news that we had been praying for. Thanks to the Janet & Bryan Moore Charitable Trust, we will soon have easy access for everyone. Thank you.

Due to a chain of unfortunate circumstances we were struggling to provide the necessary equipment to our local scouts group, meaning all outward bound trips had to be put on hold. That was until our luck changed and the Trust responded to our application.

We are now able to plan and ensure a safe and fantastic trip that all the scouts are really looking forward to.

We were looking to enhance our childcare facilities to further develop the creativity and communication skills of the children. With your grant from a successful application, the children are truly thriving and we are proud to show the parents and the J&B Trust the results. Without you, this would not have been possible.

Many thanks.

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